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Ravestore –

Zurich rave fashion brand.
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About the project

A Zurich based rave fashion brand founded and run by enthusiasts who love the aesthetics of music festivals and raves. Starting with the production of unique hand fans for ravers, and now moving on to create the first rave store in Switzerland, producing high quality clothing aimed at hand fans. Ravestore unite free-thinking people around electronic music. We believe that electronic music unites thousands of free people who are willing to express themselves through clothing, dance and accessories, showing belonging to an era.

Ravestore’s vision is to bring together thousands of free-thinking people who are ready to express themselves through clothing, dance and accessories, showing belonging to the era.

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The client approached us with a request to organize an advertising campaign to promote their products in the online space in order to increase sales.


We initially started working with the website that the client had at the time of referral.

We didn’t just meet our initial goals of increasing sales, we turned them around. The results were several times higher than expected. Our client was pleased not only with the number of new customers, but also with the quality of the interaction. The response was simply phenomenal and is still our client!

After the successful implementation of advertising strategies, which caused a significant increase in sales in a short period of time, we started a new phase of cooperation. The question arose of creating a more professional and thoughtful website. We accepted this challenge and developed a new website that meets high standards.

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