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SeitUP is an agency that
leads by the hand to results.

We create a unified semantic field around the brand,
design the experience of interaction with the company know
how and why people will make a choice in your favor.
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Viktor Komosov
Founder and CEO of SeitUP

SeitUP is a product of my years of experience as an entrepreneur.

I have been in business since I was a student, absolutely all decisions related to marketing, design and promotion I have always made myself, favoring only the latest developments and technologies.p>

From this grew the idea of a full-service agency where businesses could use only modern and effective tools, because this is very important in the world of marketing. This is how SeitUP came into being – a place where we select the most effective strategies for sales growth, implement them and analyze the results to make them even better.



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Artem Dubrovsky

Lead designer
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Armen Muradyan

Project Manager
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Tehron Sharipov

Web developer
team irina e52b78ba 9

Irina Orlova

Expert in marketing
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Rozalina Sadykova

Web designer
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Maxim Kotsarev

Product owner
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Viktoria Terekhova

Chief marketing officer

And many other creative professionals

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Our approach is based on important principles

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Leading up to the result

Setting a goal and selecting the most effective tools for your business.
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Integrated approach

We are ready to utilize any number of tools to get you to your goal.
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Implementing new solutions

Introduce new tools into our work and make them as effective as possible.
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Synchronized Steps to Success

Regularly send reports, give advice and manage all project work in Notion.
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Leverage analytics

Analyze the results of promotion, competitors and your target audience.
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Expertise is a core value

We have active experts who are always looking for new ways of doing things.
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