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Schleiferei Bornheim –

Professional tool sharpening in Germany.
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About the project

The German workshop Schleiferei Bornheim, where the art of tool sharpening reaches the pinnacle of brilliance!

Schleiferei Bornheim doesn’t just take care of sharpening tools – they create true masterpieces. Here, every tool sharpening is transformed into a unique work of art that expresses an outstanding level of skill and professionalism. Forget the hassle of delivery – Schleiferei Bornheim takes care of everything.

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Our client, who had been successfully operating in the offline segment, was facing an important decision to enter the online business. He approached us with a request to develop a corporate identity for the company, as well as the associated elements necessary to successfully launch and establish their brand in the digital space. Our tasks included creating a recognizable logo, designing brand colors and fonts, and preparing the necessary elements for a web presence. Translated with (free version)


Our team’s involvement encompassed every aspect of branding and marketing, giving Schleiferei Bornheim a unique identity and setting it apart from the competition.

From the creation of the corporate font, color palette, and logo, we created a unique visual language that conveys the essence and professionalism of the company. We didn’t just design a website, marketing texts and sales funnel – we created a complete solution to promote the company online.

Design of business cards, flyers, price list and other printed materials are not just colorful images, but are a key element of your communication with customers. We strive to make each document not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing, so that every detail reflects the professionalism and individuality of Schleiferei Bornheim.

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