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Programming school for children through play.
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About the project

KIBERone teaches essential skills that will be important for every child in the future. From creativity, logical and strategic thinking to mastery of computer technology, all these skills will play an important role in the job market of the future.

KIBERone’s relaxed classroom atmosphere, effective teaching methods and enthusiasm for the world of information technology keep kids coming back for more. They make sure that students are highly motivated and enthusiastic about learning.

They make sure that students are highly motivated and enthusiastic about learning.

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Creating a multi-page website focused on maintaining the client’s brand identity, using marketing text to attract attention, and with a modern design and thoughtful website structure for easy navigation and user experience. The integration of online payment on the website is also important to provide a full-service experience. The aim of the project is to create a web platform that meets the high standards of a modern online presence and satisfies the client’s needs.


  • Our team worked closely with the client to accurately capture and realize their vision. The result of this collaboration is a website that not only reflects the unique character of KIBERone, but also provides visitors with an intuitive and attractive interface.
  • We started from scratch, taking into account every feature and advantage of the school. With the joint efforts of a marketing specialist and a designer, we managed to stand out among our competitors by offering a unique structure, texts and website design. We also kept the company’s corporate colors, which have become an integral part of its brand.
  • At the same time, all the client’s wishes on functionality were taken into account and realized. We are glad that the client was satisfied with the result of our joint work, and the website we created fully meets his expectations.

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