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Davian –

Stylish furniture in Germany
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About the project

A brand of designer furniture that embodies refined style and outstanding craftsmanship. Combining modern trends with classic sophistication, the brand creates exclusive and functional furnishings that are unique and aesthetically pleasing. Limited collections, high quality materials, innovative design, inspiration and history in every piece.
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Our main goal in designing the logo for Davian was to create a visual identity that would effectively convey the uniqueness and high quality of the exclusive furniture. We sought to distinguish the brand in the market, emphasize its individuality and attract the attention of the target audience.


The result of our work is a unique logo that perfectly matches Davian’s ambitions. Harmonious shapes, refined typography and a unique graphic element create a visual embodiment of the luxury and individuality of the products. The logo not only reflects the corporate identity, but also becomes a powerful tool for attracting attention to the brand in the furniture market.

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