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Experts in automation and efficient resource management.
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About the project

One of the company’s industries, is software development for schools in Germany, accessible via a web browser on any device. The interface provides easy viewing of timetables, lesson data and pass recording and more.

The company is focused on optimizing workflows for teaching staff and administration, which ultimately affects the quality of education.

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Creating a multi-page website focused on maintaining the client’s brand identity, using marketing text to attract attention, and with a modern design and thoughtful website structure for easy navigation and user experience. The integration of online payment on the website is also important to provide a full-service experience. The aim of the project is to create a web platform that meets the high standards of a modern online presence and satisfies the client’s needs.


We didn’t just design the interface, we immersed ourselves in intensive interaction to fully grasp the functionality of each button and understand how the teacher, classroom teacher and principal interact with our web application. Our absolute dedication to this process was key to the successful outcome – we created a modern, lightweight design that is not only visually pleasing, but also completely intuitive for users of all ages.

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