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An application for recording expenses and income, creating budgets and analyzing financial data.
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About the project

A young and dynamic startup specializing in developing an innovative app for keeping track of finances and managing personal budgets.

We aim to create an intuitive and efficient solution that helps everyone to easily control their finances. Our approach is based on ease of use, focusing on key user needs. The intervention of modern technology and advanced design solutions makes our app a reliable tool for keeping track of income and expenses, promoting financial literacy and well-being.

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The main task within the project was to create an attractive and functional UX/UI design for a financial accounting application. We needed to develop a user interface that would not only be easy to use, but would also support a positive experience of interaction with the application, maximally meeting the needs and expectations of users.


During the project, we successfully realized the challenges of creating a design that exceeds expectations in terms of aesthetics and usability. The UX/UI design we developed for the app emphasizes simplicity and efficiency, providing users with an intuitive interface. This allows the app to not only meet high standards of functionality, but also stand out from the competition with its attractive design. We are proud of the results of our work, which contributes to a better user experience.

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